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On the Count of Three movie review (2022)

All of these elements come to life in Abbott’s ostentatious interpretation of a man in conflict, a mentally handicapped man with a righteous chip on his shoulder, given the injustice of his childhood, but who is not entirely unsympathetic to those around him. Along with his starring role in James White, another independent film in which a young man struggles with a different kind of inner turmoil, the role is considered one of Abbott’s most remarkable, so indelible in its eccentric eccentricity and outburst of reserved seriousness, because that she plays opposite Carmichael’s more restrained unraveling.

“It’s like your sad eyes suddenly have a purpose,” Val says to Kevin as he rides the elevator to the place that the latter hopes will be the fateful reckoning for the main villain from his past. Later, Val meets a grumpy figure of his own: his girlfriend and his child’s future mother, Nat (played by the surprisingly stern Tiffany Haddish).

Throughout this spooky adventure, Kutcher and Welch take the time to get some frivolity due to Kevin’s ironic self-awareness about his hypocritical gun control stance as he holds a firearm with the intent to use it, his lack of resolve to talk about race with Val and many others. occasions when Val must rein in their «joy ride» to hell. As quirky as the tone on paper may be, «On the Count of Three» repeatedly contains laugh-worthy, if not mind-boggling, moments.

Interspersed with profanity that irritates Val with Kevin’s behavior, which may lead us to think that their relationship is on the surface, there are deeply touching exchanges that demonstrate otherwise. For example, halfway through their deadly escapade, Kevin thanks Val for always trying to cheer him up. His colleague responds with the suggestion that where they ended up means that his efforts were in vain. These drops of sad clarity help the film to go beyond mere provocation.

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