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Next Need for Speed May Incorporate ‘Anime Elements’

Video game and GamesBeat insider Jeff Grubb has once again shared some juicy details about the next entry in Need for Speed row. The game, which is supposed to be released this holiday, will be developed by Criterion of burn out notoriety, and it seems that some of the team’s arcade inspirations may show up in this new project, albeit in unexpected ways.

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In his show Grubbsnax (transcription VGK), and under the weather, Grubb revealed that the game will feature a striking new art style unlike any other. Need for Speed seen before. “It will be photorealistic, but it will also have anime elements.”

He further explains that the «anime» elements will be similar to car ads, where the cars have cartoonish flames and speed lines drawn around them. Using this style in arcade racing would certainly make Need for Speed stand out from other racers, especially at a time when most car games rely heavily on simulation rather than over-the-top aesthetics.

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Grubb also confirmed that the game will bring back Autolog from past installments and allow players to customize every aspect of their vehicle. The game itself takes place in a fictional Chicago called Lake Shore City, which may be of interest to fans. Burnout Paradise and its fictional metropolis. We hope there will be flimsy billboards and well-placed ramps scattered along every short cut.

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