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New Tales From the Borderlands Announced

Although it was released after many got tired of Telltale Games, Tales from the border was one of the studio’s favorite games. Hopes for a second season were largely dashed when the studio collapsed in 2018. And while the studio was revived after that, it hasn’t talked about the series anymore and is currently working on The Wolf Among Us 2 and Space. However, Gearbox Software and 2K are returning to the franchise on their own as they announced a new Tales from the border was in production and will be released later this year on unknown platforms.

Gearbox Entertainment Company CEO Randy Pitchford announced the new title at PAX East during a panel. AT video filmed by youtuber JayShockblastPitchford said the studio thought it would be «fun and exciting to immerse yourself in an interactive fiction format». It will feature all new characters and stories, further solidifying this game’s reputation as a standalone game rather than a sequel. Pitchford also said Gearbox has been secretly developing it for years. A more official announcement of the game will take place this summer.

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Gearbox development is different and may frustrate some people. First Tales from the border was widely revered for his comedy and poignant writing. Gearbox games, however, are usually criticized for exactly what they are written, and they are often criticized for the gritty or disgruntled comedy they’ve recently released. Tiny Tina’s Wonderland was not released from. It is not clear if any of the original authors will be in it, but it is unlikely since Pitchford did not mention it.

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