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New Star Wars Cartoon Revealed by Official Convention Schedule

The official panel and event layout for this year’s Star Wars celebration may have given fans an early hint of what’s in store for Disney’s space franchise when it comes to animation. As noticed GamesRadarpanel for other unannounced Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi disappeared briefly before disappearing as quickly as Sebastian Shaw’s image at the end Return of the Jedi.

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Panel description described Tales of the Jedi as an animated anthology, and featured prominent Star Wars animation producer Dave Filoni among its contributors. Name Tales of the Jedi originates from the Dark Horse comic book series, which explores the events of the Old Republic era, in the same pre-prequel timeframe as EA’s Star Wars massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Tales of the Jedi will be one of a long series of animation projects expanding the Star Wars universe beyond the movies. From the first days Ewoks and this deafening theme music to recent bad batch On Disney+, Star Wars fans had plenty of options. Although there is no guarantee that Tales of the Jedi back to comic stories, that would be an interesting break from mandalorianthe Disney universe built on their streaming platform.

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Whether the show is just borrowing a title that sounds good or a comic book adaptation is unknown, but fans won’t have to wait long to find out. The Star Wars celebration is about a month away, with the panel in question supposedly taking place on May 28th.

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