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Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer Makes Case for Streaming Success | TV/Streaming

Courtroom, as it should be, drawing lots. Written by Kelly and Ted Humphrey, the opening episodes follow a pattern that sees Haller go through smaller, seemingly no-win cases involving regular, cash-strapped clients accused of petty offenses intertwined with the main throughline, the Elliott trial. . The combination serves two purposes: in petty lawsuits, we see Haller’s quick, observant skills and his overwhelming charm (in one instance, he flash-bluffs as evidence to exonerate his client). With Elliott a bigger headache, Haller’s insecurities come to the surface, especially since Elliot appears intent on handing his lawyer the worst cards possible. In later episodes, McPherson’s relentless pursuit of a wealthy human trafficking suspect is combined with Haller’s drive to rebuild his family. Each storyline lets the lawyer’s self-satisfied rudeness fade while the mundane elements surge forward.

Nearly every component of this legal drama, including likable characters, exciting cases, joyous fourth-wall breaks where Haller explains his strategy, fast-paced action and bright, clean cinematography, makes the episodes easy to digest, especially when Gorham and Campbell act. larger roles. The two add solid, masterful melodramatic beats to usually subdued characters, while the series deftly maneuvers against the police (Haller doesn’t trust them at all) and talks openly about addiction and recovery. The show also has enough backstories – Lorna’s desire to go back to law school, Angus’s debt to his former gang, and the long-running case that continues to gnaw at Haller – to not only create a solid standalone season, but also leave enough breadcrumbs for a possible second season.

If there’s one thing about The Lincoln Lawyers that makes you uneasy, it’s that some of the dialogue was clearly written by authors who are almost non-existent on the internet. Elliot worries about winning the court of public opinion on Twitter, and Haller’s daughter complains about «waking up the police» (people are outraged that her father is protecting a wealthy would-be murderer). They play like relevancy claims but achieve such sharp gaps, they are akin to random lines left over from multiple revisions rather than a single approach. Still, thanks to Garcia-Rulfo’s subtle acting, witty wordplay, and courtroom prowess (each court scene is an adrenaline rush), The Lincoln Lawyer is a clear streaming win that could easily have played just as well on network television.

Ten episodes were reviewed.

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