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Netflix’s Movie Library Has Shrunk By More Than a Third

Netflix basically invented the modern world of movie streaming and they have over 200 million subscribers. It’s a ubiquitous service; at times it seems like everyone and their mom has a netflix. (Or uses someone else’s password.) But in a sense, the company has become a victim of its own success.

When Netflix first moved from mail-order DVD rentals to selling movies online, the studios were thrilled by the prospect of additional revenue and were happy to license their films to the company. But then Netflix streaming became So popular and So successful, every film studio wanted to be their Netflix; have your own streaming service and keep all that profit for yourself. As a result, Netflix has lost much of the library that made it so popular.

Actually the site What’s on Netflix just published a study on the Netflix movie library and found that seven years ago in May 2015, the company had 4,751 movies available for streaming. Today, that number has dwindled to 3,016 films—a loss of 1,735 titles, about 36 percent.

Things look even worse when you consider the fact that in the same span of time, Netflix went from having almost no original films to producing hundreds of original films to counteract the fact that the major Hollywood studios were no longer willing to license. own libraries. If you subtract original Netflix movies from those 30,176 movies available, the percentage drop over the past seven years is 55 percent—less than half of what was available before.

The small silver lining here is that the Netflix library in 2022 is actually slightly larger than it was in 2020 and 2021, and even larger than it was in 2017, when it dropped to 2,686 films. This was before Netflix really started releasing its own films; these days, the company releases dozens of films every year, and they don’t expire. However, 3015 films is a lot less than in previous years. Even more upsetting, according to What’s On Netflix, the site currently offers a total of 15 films made before 1970. Thus, the history of cinema is practically non-existent for people whose main (or only) streaming service is Netflix.

There is a lot more data to look at What’s on Netflix. But for now, the bottom line is that if you feel like the selection of non-original movies on Netflix has dwindled over the past few years, that’s not the feeling. It is a fact.

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