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MultiVersus Open Beta Date Announced Alongside 3 New Characters

multiversus‘ The list just keeps growing. The new trailer not only welcomed the three new characters, but also provided a window for the release of the newly announced open beta.

The newest cinematic trailer for the free-to-play platform fighter features the Tasmanian Devil (Funny melodies), Iron Giant (iron giant) and Velma (scooby doo) and will be voiced by Jim Cummings, Jonathan Lipow and Keith Micucci, respectively. Cummings and Micucci have voiced these characters several times in the past, but Lipow is new to the role of the Iron Giant, having been voiced by Vin Diesel in the 1999 title film.

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Although the closed alpha will be released later this week, more users will be able to try out the game during the open beta. The beta will launch sometime in July, but Warner Bros. did not specify too much when it will appear this month. It’s also unclear what characters or modes will be in the beta, but the publisher has announced that Taz and Velma will also be in closed alpha, which apparently hasn’t been announced for her since they haven’t been revealed yet. This increases the alpha list to 15.

The open beta will run on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC with full cross-play support and an online rollback code on a dedicated server. These are also the same platforms it will run on whenever that is.

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