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Ms. Marvel Co-Creator Talks Adapting Kamala Khan to TV

Ms. Marvel is set to leave the Marvel comics line and hit TV screens everywhere on June 8 when Kamala Khan premieres in her own show Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+. The project is led in part by the people who originally brought the character to life, and in conversation with Entertainment WeeklyKamala’s co-creator Sana Amanath spoke about the challenges of porting her character to the wider MCU.

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According to Amanat, Ms. Marvel’s TV debut has been «four or five years in the making» and MCU head Kevin Feige has always seen potential in the character. Amarath also talked about how she adapted the presentation of the comic for the small screen.

“We’re doing something in this series that we don’t do anywhere else in the MCU. It is as if told through the prism of Kamala’s experience and her wild imagination. I think the brightness, the colors and where we’re going in the Marvel universe and in Kamala’s universe is really what makes him stand out tonally and stylistically from everything else.»

The presence of the character creator behind the scenes should make Ms. Marvel fans breathed a sigh of relief, but there are a lot of people online who are worried that Kamala will change dramatically compared to her comic book counterpart. In particular, Kamala’s extended limbs and enlarged fists have evolved into a more energetic set of abilities with a distinct purple glow. Amanat said in an interview that there are reasons for the change and that it is not as important as it seems now.

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“The essence of what the powers are in the comics is there both metaphorically and visually. We make a shortened fist. We make elements that make her feel and look a little crazy, but really cool at the same time.»

It makes sense that Marvel would adapt Kamala somewhat, since the company’s original stretchy hero, Mr. Fantastic, won’t debut in the MCU until after Fantastic 4 much later, in Phase 4. However, diehard fans and newcomers alike can judge for themselves when Kamala joins the MCU next month on Disney+ and next summer on Wonders.

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