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More The Callisto Protocol Details Will Be Revealed Soon

Callisto Protocol surprised horror fans as they came from the same people who created the most beloved Dead space games. After showing in December 2020, it went dark, but it looks like it will reappear pretty soon.

Striking Distance Studios founder and CEO Glen Schofield tweeted that the team will be revealing more about the game soon. He also thanked fans for waiting and said he loves it when the design starts to come together, which is accompanied by an image of someone in a mocap suit. It’s unclear when «soon» will come, but it’s possible that the game will arrive in the summer. Although this is by no means confirmed, Geoff Keighley answered with a smiley, which could mean the game could appear at Summer Games Fest. This would be a somewhat natural follow-up to his presentation at The Game Awards, which is also being put together by Kaylie.

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Schofield is the most famous executive producer of the original film. Dead space when he was at Visceral Games and managed Call of Duty: World War II and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare during his time at Sledgehammer Games. Even in spite of Callisto Protocol strangely happens in PUBG universe, it’s a horror game that takes us back to its Dead space roots. But since no gameplay footage has been released, it’s hard to tell how close those ties will be.

Callisto Protocol was announced long before Dead space remake when fans probably didn’t expect Dead space games. But now that the original Dead space returns, Callisto Protocol won’t have that space carved just for yourself.

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