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Modern Warfare 2 Logo Officially Revealed

Activision has already confirmed that Infinity Ward is developing a sequel Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And today, the company unveiled the logo of the name, which is aptly named Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Official Call of Duty The account just tweeted a hashtag with the name of the game, a picture of the logo with the caption Modern Warfare a green tint, and a suggestion that a «new era» is dawning for the series. The post did not contain any information about the game or the new war zone experience that is also in the works.

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There isn’t much other official information about the game, but it’s probably about to be revealed given all the leaks and reports. Some professional football players seen the game behind closed doors and some influencers were reportedly able to play the game. Insider Tom Henderson also said the reveal was scheduled for the end of May, which seems to be in line with these teases.

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Henderson also detailed report about the game in November 2021. In it, he said that the game would feature «weapon suppression, a new morale system, gore, updated AI, and more.» Video game chronicle also found outwith Henderson), What was it Modern Warfare 2 in September 2021, well before Activision announced it. The game, according to VGC, will be based on the Colombian drug cartels and will be tougher than the 2019 game.

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