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Mike Myers Attempts Comeback with Inconsistent The Pentaverate on Netflix | TV/Streaming

Myers’ best character on the project is Ken Scarborough, a sweet Canadian local news reporter who never really broke a big story the way he makes bland stories of interest to people. He goes to something called CanConCon (Canadian conspiracy convention) in search of something important and basically stumbles upon The Pentaverate, partnered with another journalist named Reilly (Lydia West) and a conspiracy fanatic named Anthony (Myers). which is fueled by Alex. A Jones-style psycho named Rex Smith (you guessed it, also Myers). The Saturday Night Live star also plays four members of The Pentaverate: Lord Lordington, Bruce Baldwin, Misha Ivanov and, believe it or not, Shep Gordon (the real-life rock ‘n’ roll manager who was Myers’ hero). Superman: The Legend of Shep Gordon.

In the pilot, The Pentaverate is revealed as an ancient society that has been trying to influence the world for generations – it’s funny how Jeremy Irons presents each episode as himself, changing background details each time. After the death of Pentaverate member Jason Eccleston (yes, Myers), they hire a nuclear physicist named Dr. Hobart Clark (Kegan-Michael Key), a man they believe can stop climate change. From there, things get, well, chaotic, and it also features Debi Mazar, Ken Jeong, and Jennifer Saunders in supporting roles. Rob Lowe and Maria Menounos play themselves. No kidding.

Myers doesn’t even remotely change or hide his sense of humor in Pentaverat, with several scenes of strong players at big tables reminiscent of Dr. Evil in his Austin Powers lair and even a Shrek reference. It’s not entirely fair to call it Mike Myers’ Greatest Hits, but it’s undoubtedly a product of its creator’s comedic history. For this reason alone, ardent fans of his film and work on SNL may overlook the show’s problems, including the fact that it undoubtedly feels like a long film divided into six chapters and no one really wants a 3- hour movie. A film by Mike Myers. Comedy is all about pace and timing, and these long-winded Netflix projects falter most of the time in that regard. Every time Pentaverate seems to develop a rhythm, it goes on a tangent to fill in the space – usually demonstrating the fact that this show is allowed to have a very high R rating on Netflix. It’s like a rack that has good stuff surrounded by a 45 minute filler. And Myers’ filler is more aggressive than any other comedian, built on goofy accents and wordplay that goes on forever. Repetition is often a joke that works in fast beats in a movie or sketch, but not so much for a full three hours.

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