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Microsoft May Inject Ads Into Free-to-Play Games on Xbox

Players are used to other games popup when loading something like clan war on their phone, but they probably don’t expect the same from the round Apex Legends played on the couch. However, according to some business insider(subscription required), Microsoft may want to change that mindset when it comes to the Xbox platform.

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In-game ads have popped up before, and Microsoft’s plan is rumored to include many of the same methods. An example given by internal sources includes branded billboards in racing games, which was done back on the original Xbox with games like Burnout 3: Disassembly. Other possible implementations include video ads playing in the backdrop of online lobbies and branded avatar skins that aren’t too dissimilar to sponsored images of gamers from the Xbox 360 era. Microsoft is said to be hoping to launch this new way of advertising for gamers later this year.

While the possibility of ads appearing in games may annoy hardened Xbox enthusiasts, the Microsoft team seems to want to make this move as painless as possible. Microsoft is reportedly reluctant to take a cut of the ads, instead allowing game developers to get the bulk of the profits. The company is also well aware of the potential for backlash against this type of strategy and does not want to disrupt «normal gameplay» for anyone. Because of this, Microsoft is said to be carefully screening its potential partners.

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For its part, Microsoft didn’t confirm these plans when asked, but it makes sense to add this revenue stream to free games on Xbox. Most gamers have already embraced dashboard ads, and rumor has it that Pillsbury Doughboy is unlikely to pop up out of nowhere and take over your entire TV the next time you boot up. Halo Infinite. As players continue to choose Game Pass and free games over traditional $60 and $70 purchases, this type of deal, if implemented, has a chance of becoming more normal as time goes on. However, this may depend on how it is obtained.

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