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Michelle Pfeiffer Would Consider Returning as Catwoman

Michelle Pfeiffer’s history as an actress is filled with legendary performances. But few are more iconic than her role as Catwoman in 1992. Batman Returns.

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talking to Hollywood ReporterPfeiffer discussed the character’s history as well as what she thinks about the new roles being offered to her, as well as whether she will ever return to the role of Catwoman.

Regarding her iconic role as Catwoman, Pfeiffer said that what she thought worked so well for the character was the ability to do «almost impossible combinations» of things.

«She pulled off an almost unbelievable combination of sexiness, irony, tragedy, danger and just plain good humor,» Pfeiffer said, before touching on the question of whether she would ever return to the role, as Michael Keaton does in the upcoming film. Flash. «It will depend on the context, but yes, I would consider it.»

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Elsewhere in the interview, Pfeiffer spoke about her career now and said that while the roles she’s being offered now are very different from those she’s received in the past, they’re «more interesting» now.

“The roles you get offered change as you get older, and in many ways they have become a lot more interesting,” Pfeiffer said. “I don’t look back,” she tells me, then quickly shifts the discussion to what is now, remarkably, available to her: “Who would have thought I was in the Marvel world?”

Pfeiffer’s last role came in the 2020s. french exitand her next role is set for 2023. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Maniawhere she will reprise her role as Janet Van Dyne/Wasp.

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