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Michael Caine Attempted to Keep His Eyes Open for 8 Straight Years

From Italian work to The Dark KnightMichael Caine has a legacy full of memorable roles. In a recent conversation with MirrorThe 88-year-old legend has revealed one of the secrets of his early days, and it’s… unusual, to put it mildly. After taking advice from a book on acting, Kane decided to try not to blink in his daily life for eight years. «People around me, my mother and everyone else, thought I was crazy.»

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Kane went on to say that his friends and family described him as a «psychopath» and that he used to «scare people to death» during social interactions. He eventually earned the nickname «Snake Eyes» due to this strange life choice that caused him to not appear in G.I. Joe films are all the more tragic.

Be that as it may, this strategy proved successful for the Oscar winner. Kane still never blinks when filming a scene, but he has (thankfully) added blinking back into his daily routine.

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In moderation, the «don’t blink» strategy is reasonable for certain types of roles, as seen in Sir Anthony Hopkins playing Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. Hopkins told ABC News that the lack of blinking «keeps the audience mesmerized. It’s not that he doesn’t blink, he’s just motionless. There is economy and strength in immobility.”

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