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Maverick’ Reviews Call It a Perfect Sequel

It took a very long time to get Best shooter screen continuation. The original film was the blockbuster of the year in 1986. Maybe it was a different era back then, or maybe Tom Cruise was just too busy with other things, but Top Shooter 2 It never happened. Eventually, Paramount started work on a sequel, and then, after years of development, the film finally went into production, only to have a damn pandemic derail its release for two whole years.

Finally, over 30 years later, Top Shooter: Maverick preparing for the premiere. The film was directed by Joseph Kosinski and features Tom Cruise once again as Pete «Maverick» Mitchell, a tough fighter pilot who has returned to his alma mater to train a new generation of jet pilots, including Glen Powell and Miles Teller. He plays the son of Goose, Maverick’s former wingman and best friend who died during the events of the first part. The best pistol.

Maverick this week at the CinemaCon trade show in Las Vegas, it had its first demonstration in front of exhibitors and some journalists, and their response was more than positive; they are frankly expansive. Everyone, at least from this limited selection of screenwriters, called it a worthy successor to the original film, with «incredible» flight scenes and another solid performance by Tom Cruise. They also liked literally everything else about the film; seriously, it’s hard to find even one minor complaint among the pile.

Here is an example of the first reviews:

Top Shooter: Maverick scheduled to open exclusively in theaters on May 27.

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