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Mass Effect Lithograph Hints at Major Return for Upcoming Sequel

YouTuber MrHulthen has captured a now-deleted description from the official BioWare store that hints at plot elements from the next game in the series. mass effect row. Specifically, a lithograph celebrating the return of the franchise was described with text suggesting protagonist Shepard survived the events Mass Effect 3 and therefore may return as the main character (or at least some character) in the next game.

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A quote from the original shop description mentions Shepard and the other survivors picking up the shards after destroying the Reapers at the end Mass Effect 3. The description has been removed from any mention of Shepard. fast after its original publication, and has now been reduced to a few sentences describing collectible.

Shepard’s survival is bolstered by one of the 2012 RPG endings. Those who choose the «Destroy» ending after completing each mission assigned to them will see an additional scene following the typical colored epilogue. The crew of the Normandy gather at the memorial wall, Shepard’s love interest refuses to add their name to the list of fallen heroes, and then we see Shepard taking a breath as they lay in the rubble. Given that this ending is the hardest to unlock, many fans have considered it canon, making Shepard’s survival a foregone conclusion.

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Will Shepard be the next main character? mass effect or won’t be revealed for a long time, as the game won’t even be the next one released by BioWare. The team is hard at work on the next entry in dragon age series, although this development was fraught with difficulties for quite some time, given the departure of staff and the lack of footage to show after years of operation. Fans of both franchises are looking forward to see if BioWare can bounce back from recent mistakes and bring new adventures to these beloved worlds.

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