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Marvel’s Avengers’ Thor Gets a Flashy New Skin from the Comics

Avengers MarvelThor may have an almost complete set of different Marvel Cinematic Universe skins, but there are many more comics to choose from. Crystal Dynamics recently did just that, turning to a 35 year old comic to make an Asgardian Destroy skin for the hammer-wielding Avenger.

Skin of the Asgardian Destroyer Thor from the 1987 film Thor Vol. 1 No. 381″. is currently on sale for 1,400 credits, which is about $14. The outfit puts him in armor that is very different from what is currently in the game, which addresses a common complaint associated with the title. Users have also noticed that his belt and eyes glow when he activates Odinforce, a skill that uses lightning to deflect incoming attacks.

MCU skins are still popping up at a pretty fast pace as Thor received another MCU skin earlier this month. However, it looks like the team is also trying to get back to adding more comic book-focused clothing, as evidenced by last week’s Gray Hulk skin.

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This onslaught of attractive or recognizable skins may make up for the game’s lack of major updates. Even though Jane Foster is coming soon, fans have been waiting for a roadmap that won’t happen as Crystal Dynamics said it changes its plans to provide small feature updates that are closer to release. Rumor has it that She-Hulk is also in development, but she reportedly was pushed to better fit the MCU.

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