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Marvel’s Avengers’ Next Playable Hero Has Been Revealed

Avengers Marvel there has not been a new playable hero since the inclusion of Spider-Man in November 2021. And it was even longer for users on other platforms as the web slinger was only on PlayStation systems. After months of waiting, Crystal Dynamics has announced who will be the next hero: Jane Foster, also known as Lady Thor.

Crystal Dynamics covered this in a new development update on their Web site talking about the future of the game. While it started with some news about upcoming reworks and changes, the studio ended with a mention that Foster will be coming to all platforms. The studio didn’t give more specific details, but said that while it will have a lot in common with Thor, it «will also have elements that are distinctly Jane’s». This is similar to his approach to Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, who are both in the game and have similar abilities.

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But Thor and Lady Thor, Hawkeye and Kate Bishop aren’t supposedly the only duos in the game. She-Hulk was reportedly in development and was supposed to be the next hero. Leaks claimed she would be coming, and the fact that alleged She-Hulk actress Kritia Bajos deleted her tweets about the game seems to confirm these leaks. However, those same leakers are now claiming that Crystal Dynamics originally wanted She-Hulk to arrive early in the game, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe forced the team to change plans.

This theory explains the lack of new content in the game and also coincides with the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder trailer that came out just a day before this announcement. She-Hulk Disney+ shows are also not scheduled to air until the end of 2022 and beyond. Love and Thunder. Streamer mmmmmmmiller, who broke the She-Hulk news, also stated in March that Jane Foster was on her waywhich precedes the official announcement and means that he was not forced to back down in response to it.

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