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Marvel’s Avengers’ New Black Widow Skin Comes From an X-Men Comic

Avengers MarvelBlack Widow is going back in time for her new skin. Crystal Dynamics recently added her 1998 Widow costume, which is based on the Earth-1298 Natalia Romanova featured in the Mutant X comics.

This skin is not on the market like many others and will only be available through shipments until June 2nd. Shipments were added in late 2021 alongside Spider-Man and give players a new way to earn cosmetic items. Everyone has a chance to earn the ultimate skin (in this case, the 1998 Widow costume) with Shipments, but it will automatically be rewarded to whoever unlocks 100 Shipments.

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If the circulation of «Mutant X» started in 1998, then Natalya Romanova herself did not appear until 2001 in the 30th issue and died in the next. Some commented on how she looked in this run. completely different from Crystal Dynamics interpretation. They both have short red hair, red boots, red mittens, and a chest logo, but it seems Crystal Dynamics took some liberties in bringing the outfit into their game given its many differences. She most likely doesn’t have Spider-Man-like web shooters in the game either, which could explain why her in-game suit doesn’t have Spider-Man’s web shooters.

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Fans are still waiting for the game to get more substantial updates. Even though the next hero has already been announced, it doesn’t have a release date. This lack of content could be due to Crystal Dynamics supposedly swapping the release of their heroes, as She-Hulk was reportedly supposed to come out earlier but was nudged to fit better with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His roadmap plans have also been changed in the sense that the team will now provide small, short-term updates instead of extensive six-month plans.

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