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Marvel’s Avengers Adds Doctor Strange-Themed Outfit to Hulk’s Wardrobe

April 20 across the country is all about green, but April 21 will be about gray in Avengers Marvel. The latest costume to debut in a Square Enix superhero game is the Hulk’s gray skin from the 1989 and 1990 Incredible Hulk comics. a darker version of his alter ego thanks to an interdimensional being and fights Doctor Strange and Namor the Submariner.

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It’s a fitting suit on the part of developer Crystal Dynamics, given how much the hype machine has grown. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in the last few weeks. Doctor Strange hasn’t shown up yet. Avengers Marvelbut adding some of the unique looks that other heroes have taken on while dealing with Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme is the perfect compromise.

Avengers Marvel is still getting non-skin content, but how the developer talks about this upcoming content is changing. Crystal dynamics recently stated on reddit that he’s cutting back on how he discusses game plans for the future and opting for shorter update packages for future updates instead of the traditional multi-month roadmap. There’s still a lot to come Avengers players, however, including the next confirmed character, Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor.

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This is another MCU tie-in, as the character will most likely act alongside Thor: Love and Thunder, in which Lady Thor makes her first big screen appearance as Natalie Portman. She-Hulk is also reportedly under consideration, but plans appear to have been shuffled to accommodate Lady Thor.

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