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Maika Monroe Has a Stalker in IFC Films’ Thriller Pic

IFC Films issued an official Observer trailer for the upcoming thriller drama starring Maika Monroe. The film had its world premiere earlier this year at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival and is currently set to debut in over 500 theaters on June 3rd with a video-on-demand release on June 21st.

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Observer Mike Monroe starsShould), Karl Glusman (nocturnal animals) and Burn Gorman (Rise of the dark knight). Chloe Okuno is directing the film from a script she co-wrote with Zack Ford.

«In the film, Julia joins her husband as he moves to his family’s native Romania in search of a new job,» reads the synopsis. “Recently giving up her acting career, she often finds herself lonely and unoccupied. One night, while watching people from her picture window, she notices a vague figure in a nearby building who seems to be looking back at her. Soon after, when Julia is left alone at the local cinema, the feeling of being watched intensifies and she becomes convinced that she is being watched – maybe it’s the same unknown neighbor? Meanwhile, a serial killer known as the Spider is roaming the city.

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Observer produced by Roy Lee and Steven Schneider of Spooky Pictures, Derek Doshi, Mason Novick, John Finemore, Aaron Kaplan and Sean Perrone. James Hoppe, Elizabeth Grave, Ben Ross, Rami Yassin and Gabi Antal are executive producers.

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