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Love Death + Robots Vol. 3 Trailer & Episode Details Revealed

Netflix released the official trailer Love Death + Robotsthe upcoming third installment of Tim Miller’s adult animated anthology, which will be available for streaming on May 20th.

In addition, the streaming service has finally revealed the first plot details, including the synopsis and creative team for each episode. One of the episodes is by David Fincher, who is the famous director’s first foray into animation direction.

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Three Robots: Exit Strategies

«The first direct continuation in Love, death + robots story – from the famous science fiction writer John Scalzi. The iconic trio of fun droids are back on a whirlwind journey learning humanity’s post-apocalyptic survival strategies before humanity is finally annihilated.»

  • Directed by: Patrick Osborne
  • Screenwriter: John Scalzi
  • Studio: Blow Studio

bad trip

“A sailing vessel designed to hunt jable sharks is attacked by a giant crustacean whose size and intelligence are matched only by its appetite. Mutiny, betrayal and ventriloquism with a corpse… welcome aboard David Fincher’s directorial debut.»

  • Director: David Fincher
  • Writer: Andrew Kevin Walker, based on a story by Neil Asher.
  • Studio: Blur Studio

The very pulse of the machine

“When an exploration expedition to the surface of the moon Io ends in disaster, an astronaut must travel to safety, dragging his copilot’s body along with him while using potentially mind-warping drugs to deal with the pain of his own injuries in this trippy tribute. comic book legend Mobius.

  • Director: Emily Dean
  • Writer: Philip Gelatt, based on a story by Michael Swanwick.
  • Studio: Polygon Pictures

Night of the Mini Dead

The apocalypse is conceived – literally – in a graveyard in this poignant zombie satire that begins with saucy graveyard sex and accelerates to an invasion of the walking dead everywhere from downtown Los Angeles to the Vatican. It’s the end of the world while we’re chewing on it.»

  • Director(s): Robert Busey, Andy Lyon
  • Writer: Robert Busey and Andy Lyon, based on a story by Jeff Fowler and Tim Miller.
  • Studio: BAK

Kill Team Kill

“Young, dumb and full of… blood, lots and lots of blood, the furious, adrenaline-fueled strength of American soldiers are facing an enemy unlike any they have faced before, the result of a CIA experiment that turns the Grizzlies on as hell. . From the director Mr. Kung Fu Panda 2«.

  • Directed by: Jennifer Yu Nelson
  • Writer: Philip Gelatt, based on a story by Justin Coates.
  • Studio: Titmouse, Inc.


“A story of fear, sex and philosophy at its most extreme as two posthuman scientists study an apparently mindless insect race. Tim Miller is writing and directing the first-ever film adaptation of a work by acclaimed cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling.

  • Directed by: Tim Miller
  • Writer: Tim Miller, based on a story by Bruce Sterling.
  • Studio: Blur Studio

Mason’s rats

“You realize you have a pest control problem when they start to shoot back. A rat apocalypse comes to Scotland when a grumpy farmer takes drastic steps to deal with an incursion of hyper-evolved rodents. Fighter: Doomsday.

  • Directed by: Carlos Stevens
  • Writer: Joe Abercrombie, based on a story by Neil Asher.
  • Studio: Axis Studios

In vaulted halls

“Deep in the mountains of Afghanistan, a SWAT team is doing the dangerous job of freeing a hostage held by terrorists. But the real evil they have to face is an elder god of ancient and terrifying power.»

  • Director: Jerome Chen
  • Writer: Philip Gelatt, based on a story by Alan Baxter.
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Imageworks


“Fantasy and greed combine in this reimagining of the traditional folk tale of a siren whose song lures people to their doom. But her sorcery does not work on the deaf knight Jibaro, and the Golden Woman is fascinated by him. Thus begins the deadly dance of two predators.

  • Directed by: Alberto Mielgo
  • Screenwriter: Alberto Mielgo
  • Studio: Pinkman.tv

A reimagining of the 1981 sci-fi cartoon. Heavy metalThis Emmy Award-winning adult animated series is aimed at adults and offers stories spanning every genre, from sci-fi to comedy, fantasy and horror.

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Love Death + Robots developed since the late 2000s. Executive Producers: David Finchermind hunter) and Tim Miller (Dead Pool), along with Jennifer Miller and Joshua Donen.

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