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Love and Thunder Should Use & Avoid from Mighty Thor Comic

Thor: Love and Thunder A teaser has finally arrived that gives Marvel fans a first look at the upcoming movie. This is the first time a single character has received a fourth movie in the MCU, and its witty yet melancholic vibe with a touch of classic rock is far from the feel of the first. Thor back in 2011.

Digging through classic ten-year-old storylines for many of the Infinity saga movies, Marvel Studios has begun diving into some of the latest comic storylines over the past few years. Fans have seen Carol Danvers dressed as Captain Marvel, watched a preview of Kamala Khan’s on-screen origin as Ms. Marvel, and now for the first time have seen MCU Jane Foster wielding Thor’s hammer.

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Of course, Marvel Studios is not in the business of directly adapting comic book storylines for their series and movies. Instead, they take elements from various plots and add original material. However, some projects have more obvious comic inspiration than others, and from the very first announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, it was clear Thor: Love and Thunder clearly took inspiration from Jason Aaron’s run on Mighty Thor.

So far, little is known about Love and Thundercomic ties to Mighty Thor besides the presence of Jane Foster dressed as Thor and wielding Mjolnir. Most of the characters other than Thor and Jane who figure prominently in the MCU are dead in the MCU, and it’s unlikely (and would be inappropriate) for Thor to become «unworthy» of Mjolnir like in the comics. After all, there are so many Avengers: Endgame was spent reassuring the audience that he is still worth it after everything he’s been through up to this point.

One plot element from the comic that was recently confirmed for Love and Thunder Cancer Jane Foster. AT Mighty Thor, she is suffering from breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy at the same time that Mjolnir calls her. When she wields the hammer, she becomes the Mighty Thor, but there is a downside: every time she does, the chemotherapy is flushed out of her body, causing her disease to progress.

If they make the story feel like a comic book story, then not only will Jane’s cancer escalate make serious bets on her bonuses as Thor, but it will also be another example of the broader representation that Marvel Studios is working to include in the Phase. 4. Not all heroes are healthy, and Jane’s costume, despite her illness, would be a great way to demonstrate this. Bonus points for her chosen element of being a hero to others, actively harming herself and her health.

The timing of this storyline in the MCU is also interesting. While this has certainly been part of the plan since the film was announced in 2019, fans are still reeling from the loss. Black PantherChadwick Boseman after the actor passed away from colon cancer in 2020. Boseman filmed almost all of his Marvel appearances while battling an illness, so there will be a definite parallel between this and Jane fighting as Thor battling her illness.

Even in spite of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever will certainly be a project that pays homage to Boseman and his character, including Jane Foster’s story of being a superhero with cancer in the MCU could be another poignant way to honor his legacy.

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One thing that hopefully won’t be included from Mighty Thor is an element of mystery. The question of who was behind the new Thor’s helmet was a funny question during the screening, but it would have been redundant in the film, given that the audience is already well aware that it is Jane Foster. Devoting more time to exploring Thor and Jane’s post-breakup relationship and how she’s coping with her cancer and newfound powers would have been a much better use of the movie.

While not too much else from Mighty Thor can be included in Love and Thunder (after all, most of the main players from these comics are dead in the MCU) It would be nice to see more little references to running here and there – like a shot of a dead god on an ice planet taken straight from the comic. panel we have already seen.

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