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Louis Leterrier To Replace Justin Lin as Director

Justin Lin stunned Hollywood last week when he abruptly stepped down from directing. Quick Xtenth and last (more precisely, the film should be divided into two parts) chapter Fast and Furious saga. Lin was with Fast and Furious from time to time since the third film in the franchise, and has directed more Fastwith than anyone alive. He did F9: Fast Saga, and has been associated with this film from the very beginning of its development. And yet, a few days after the film went into production, Lin quit. He gave no reason for the move other than that it was a «difficult decision».

This left Universal with one of the biggest films in history in active production with no director at the helm. According to some reports, Lin’s departure could cost the studio about $1 million a day while they choose a replacement. So it’s not surprising that a week later, they reportedly made their choice.

In accordance with Hollywood Reporterthe person Universal wants to send Quick X Louis Leterrier, an accomplished director who has made films such as The incredible Hulk, 2010 remake Clash of the Titansand first Now you see me, all of which were fairly significant hits. He recently worked in television for Netflix, directing episodes of Lupine and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance row.

THR says that «details and deals still need to be worked out, but if all the pieces come together, the film could be back on track in a matter of days», which, again, is of huge financial importance to the studio. Quick X scheduled to open in theaters May 19, 2023. Universal needs to quickly find someone responsible to set this date without further delay.

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