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Listen to ‘Heart Rides On’ From Carly Paradis’ Score for The Rising Featuring Eli & Fur

ComingSoon is pleased to offer an exclusive track to the music of Carly Paradis from ascent – original soundtrack for the series.

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Includes music by BAFTA and RTS nominated composer Carly Paradis (Job responsibilities, Prime suspect: 1973), the album will be released digitally April 22 via Lakeshore Records. The warm notes of electronic music provide a breathtaking backdrop for the supernatural thriller. Vocalizations and lyrical samples of Paradis’ past work add an air of mystery to the music. Ascension will air on Sky TV in the UK from 22 April. Broadcast in the US is expected.

Neve Kelly (Clara Rugaard) is dead. Understandably, she is terrified and confused by this new (non-)existence, but more than that, when she realizes that she has been killed, she becomes furious, ”the film synopsis reads. ascent. “Determined to find her killer and seek justice, she uses her new supernatural powers to infiltrate where the police cannot reach and investigate her own death. In doing so, she unearths deep-seated secrets and is forced to reevaluate everything about her life and the people she cares about.»

Listen to «Heart Rides On» below:

«We loved ‘Heart Rides On’ as soon as we heard it… it was such a beautiful, ethereal track and we couldn’t wait to try our vocals on it,» said DJ and electronic music producer duo Eli & Fur, who cooperated. with Carly on the soundtrack. «Seeing the trailer for ascentincredible imagery and darkness, it was all so creatively aligned with where we want to be as artists and we are honored to have our vocals in the main theme music of the titles… we are so excited to watch this! ”

Paradis said: “Music is like a synthesized ghost, permanently trapped in the morning after a rave. Party of one. I sampled my voice from my solo recordings to stay in Neve’s reality loop.»

ascent will be available to stream on Sky Go from April 22.

Track list:
01. Heart Rides On (featuring Eli & Fur)
02. Glitch memory on a motorcycle
03. I have a nervous breakdown
04. I’m here, find me
05. Niv body bag
06. Resume «Find your way back»
07. There is something in the water
08. Search
09. Let’s open it
10. Neve in the mirror
11. I don’t want to get into an accident
12. About Neva
13. Arrest in the Pines
14. Now is not the time
15. I heard it too
16. Traces of blood
17. Sparkle of memories
18. Niv runs in the forest
19. We don’t do that here
20. What is it?
21. Made you burn it
22. Creeper end credits
23. Neve tells his father
24. Don’t come back
25. Is this your daughter?
26. Neve theme
27. You don’t know how to love
28. Time is like water

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