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Listen to an Exclusive Track from Mac Quayle’s Score for Gaslit

ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from the music of Mac Quayle for Starz. Gazlit. Gazlit – Original Series Soundtrack with music by Emmy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated composer Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot, American Horror Story) is an available digitally today.

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«Grade Gazlit is an attempt to find a middle ground between the absurdity and paranoid anxiety of the characters involved in the Watergate scandal,” said Quayle. «I paired a bit of ’70s political thriller with healthy doses of classical, avant-garde and ambient, and then brought together a group of the best musicians in Los Angeles to play, bow, pluck, thump, strum and scratch the soundtrack.»

You can check out the «Retribution» track below:

Quayle mixes dark orchestration with bright percussion, vibes and electronics to create an ominous backdrop for the Watergate-era historical series based on the acclaimed first season of the Slow Burn podcast.

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Track list:

01. Liddy – macho
02. I know a snake
03. Bumping into Mo
04. Untraceable foreign contractors
05. Bittersweet Snow
06. Dean almost retires
07. Voila Mrs. Mitchell
08. Gophers left the hole
09. Clay dove
10. Are you guys cops?
11. Retribution
12. Discount watches
13. Large empty field
14. March in captivity
15. S’mores trash can
16. The center of it
17. Said he was a king
18. Poll Creep
19. Creed
20. Good people lie
21. Trial by fire
22. Mitchell investigation
23. Waiting for a draft
24. Marriage is like a garden
25. It’s not hard
26. Watergate hearings
27. Bad luck monkey
28. Addicted to painkillers
29. Tears of Clarity
30. My new friend

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