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Lengthy Gameplay Video Shows off Canceled Half-Life 2 Spin-Off

Video game documentary maker Danny O’Dwyer and his team at Noclip unearthed an hour of new gameplay from Ravenholmcanceled Half life 2 spin-off that was in development from disgraced Developer Arkane Studios. The video is a continuation of it deep dive into the studio who went through several other projects that never saw the light of day, but Ravenholm was certainly a game that caught the attention of many still waiting for a proper Half Life 3.

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Ravenholm was one of the episodes in development for Half life 2, while this one focused on a zombie-infested horror scene from the original game. The video is mostly unedited footage of the title, although O’Dwyer makes occasional appearances to offer critical context for what viewers are watching to avoid confusion.

Information about Ravenholm leaked over the years even before Noclip’s initial reveal during the aforementioned 2020 documentary about Arkane Studios (which also featured a lot of the gameplay from the title), and didn’t originate in front of that French studio. Work on the undead shooter began at Junction Point Studios, a team led by legendary developer Warren Spector. This developer eventually quit the game to work on it. epic mickeyleading to Arkane running before the game was finally shelved.

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Future Half life looks brighter than ever thanks to the relative success of the VR game. Half-life: Alyx. Along with the release of the Steam Deck, Valve once again showcased life in the game development space. And although Half life seems like a natural conclusion to go to a 2021 report states that the developer is not currently making Half Life 3 or Half-Life 2: Episode Three. Instead, it allegedly focuses on a game called Citadelwhich is said to be a first-person shooter/real-time strategy hybrid to make something that will work more naturally with Steam Deck.

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