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Learn Italian in Clip From the Live-Action Way of the Househusband Film

Sony Pictures has released a comical video from the upcoming live action game. The way of the householder film based on the manga of the same name. In the video, Tatsu’s titular landlord has to ask the head of the local Kondo real estate company to pay the neighbors’ association fees. Kondo continues to act like a mob boss, dropping his Italian throughout the conversation.

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Opening in Japan on June 3rd. The Household Way: The Movie there are actors from the live-action series who reprise their roles, such as Hiroshi Tamaki as Tatsu, Haruna Kawaguchi as Miku, and Jun Shison as Masa. Series director Toichiro Ruto also returns.

«The former yakuza legend drops everything to become your everyday householder,» reads the official synopsis. “But getting away from the gangster life is not easy, and what should be mundane household chores is not at all like that! He was the most ferocious member of the Yakuza, a man who left behind countless underworld legends. They called him the «Immortal Dragon». But one day he left all this and went another way – the way of a householder! The curtain rises on this cozy yakuza comedy.»

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Anime adaptation The way of the householder currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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