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Leaked MultiVersus Gameplay Shows Harley Quinn Fighting Jake the Dog

Players who participated in a recent technical test by Warner Bros. free game Smash brothers.-platform fighter multiversus leaked few minutes of gameplay on the Internet, allowing outsiders to see what the game looks like in action. Even though parts of the screen are covered in black bars, it’s still easy to see Harley Quinn punishing the cartoon characters. Adventure TimeDog Jake and Batman. Other fighters seen in the footage include Wonder Woman, Velma from scooby dooand the game’s original canine character Reindog.

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For those who missed the official launch a few months ago, multiversus was a game that was the subject of many rumors until its official announcement in November. At first glance, developer Player First Games confirmed that the characters would have voice acting, which consoled those who were disappointed with the game. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. The game will also feature cross-play at launch between the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms, something that has eluded big-budget action platformers so far. It will also feature a roster of characters from every corner of the Warner Bros. intellectual property catalog. From Looney Tunes to DC Game of Thronesthey all go to multiversusAnd this is only the approved composition.

Other game-related leaks have revealed a roster of characters that expands even further, including Rick from Rick and MortyGandalf of Lord of the Ringswhile LeBron James continues his crossover adventures from Space Jam: A New Legacy. Although none of them have been officially confirmed, given how loose the WB was with crossovers last time around. space jamthe company seems open to letting just about any character jump, which is definitely a plus when developing a game like this where lists are so important.

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