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Kingdom Hearts IV Might Be Teasing a Star Wars Crossover

experienceKingdom Hearts IV was unexpectedly announced over the weekend. There were no explicit Disney crossovers in the trailer other than the appearance of Donald Duck and Goofy at the end. However, some argue that the first parts of the video teased one of the newest Disney franchises: star Wars.

Kingdom Hearts IV could be a nod to a Star Wars crossover

About four minutes and 31 seconds after the anniversary announcement, the trailer shows a wooded area. Harmless at first some pointed out that part of the upper right part of the frame does not look like stone or wood. Instead, they claim it is an AT-ST foot on the forest moon of Endor during or during the events in Star Wars. Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.

Kingdom Hearts IV could be a nod to a Star Wars crossover

The above render from Star Wars Battlefront 2 does bear a resemblance between the object in the trailer, basically a curved oval half dome and the straight lines running down it. However, other indications that star Wars appears in Kingdom Hearts IV.

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star Wars and Kingdom Hearts have technically crossed paths before, but not in the released game. Canceled Kingdom Hearts mobile name is called Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys was concept art star Wars characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Emperor Palpatine. full gallery shows even more familiar star Wars environments and characters.

BUT star Wars crossover would mark a big departure from Kingdom Hearts as it traditionally features Disney and Pixar properties made in-house rather than properties recently acquired by Disney such as Marvel and star Wars. Kingdom Hearts crossed with Throne and Pirates of the Caribbeanwhich were her first forays into live-action Disney films and were also unexpected at the time.

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