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Kimberly Brooks on Voicing Bumblebee in DC Super Hero Girls

ComingSoon needs to talk to DC Superhero Girls star Kimberly Brooks on upcoming crossover movie Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse before release May 24as well as Kimberly’s history with DC, her work on South Parkand much more.

AT Teen Titans Go! and DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the MultiverseThe Teen Titans and DC Super Hero Girls must team up to take on Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom as they enact a plan that could even defeat the Justice League.

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Spencer’s Legacy: In this movie, Bumblebee helps rally the team in a big scene near the end. What was it like voicing a moment so important to the story?

Kimberly Brooks: Well, it’s great, really. Because it’s a little unexpected for such a small character, but she has a huge heart. She loves her friends. She cares a lot about them, so it’s no surprise, but it’s great because you see her building up her courage throughout the movie and she finally gets to the point where she just needs to say it. She wants her friends to be together. She wants to be a team. It’s always great. It’s really well written. So, as an actor, it’s incredible to play such a role. So I really liked it and I enjoyed it in the movie. It was like my favorite scene.

You have now also voiced another member of this team, Batgirl, several times. How is Bumblebee’s voice acting different from hers?

Batgirl has a lot more outward confidence. I’ve done this in the past and it was really, really fun, but Bumblebee, she’s special. She has a lot of obstacles in front of her to overcome and she grows so much as a character and obviously that helps her but it helps her team her friends and it’s great to have a character that plays a character that likes arc and has height , changes and overcomes things. So it was really great to voice her in the series and then in this movie, which is a lot of fun.

O, sure.

All the technical stuff is really fun.

Throughout these episodes, and now the movie, what do you remember most about voicing Bumblebee as a character?

Because she’s so tiny and I know that when we first tried to come up with a voice for her, they wanted her to be smaller and maybe even sound younger than the rest of her teammates. So she would have room to grow and where to go, so I think about the nuances of her growth and when she is confident. The difference between being Karen and being Bumblebee is the subtle differences in her voice. These things are really fun to do because it’s just a way of expressing what’s going on with that character. So I love it. I love doing it.

In a way, it’s almost like two roles in one.

We are all like that. Because this superhero is their alter ego, that’s sort of the character they play. They have to go within themselves to receive. Especially Karen, to find the strength in themselves and be able to overcome these things that are in their way, or whatever tragedy that sees them like that.

How familiar were you with Bumblebee before you got the part?

Not that familiar. She doesn’t sound like one of the characters you hear about all the time. I mean, she’s a lot more popular now, and she’s a bit more on the map, but I wasn’t as familiar with her as, say, Wonder Woman. When I was a kid, Wonder Woman was really my favorite DC character. I really liked Wonder Woman, and yes. And I haven’t heard much about Bumblebee, but now everyone knows who Bumblebee is.

Yes, it’s amazing. Since DC Super Hero Girls is an entire franchise with video games, shows, and a movie, is the recording process really very different depending on the type of project?

Not really. We recorded the show during COVID from home and we recorded this movie, at least I recorded it in my home studio. It’s almost the same and the director is the same so it felt familiar and he’s so good at what he does. So it was kind of familiar. it was a wonderful experience.

You also had a really memorable role, especially from my childhood, as Cathy Duken in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman. What does it mean to you that people still value it so highly?

It was one of my favorite roles that I got the voice for. I like how it was done. How it looked. It was kind of sexy. She was beautiful. She looked like Halle Berry or something. Very beautiful, and I got to work with another of my favorite actors, Kevin Michael Richardson, who played my father in this film. It was a great experience. This was back in the day when Warner Bros. had its own recording studio. Those were good times. I recorded a lot of shows there at the time and it was a really fun atmosphere. So I have great memories of that experience.

You have done so much with DC. Are there any DC characters you couldn’t voice but would like to voice?

Oh, you know, I’m always open. I haven’t said much and I’m always up for a challenge. Change a little, you know? All are so wonderful. Especially in our show, in our version of it. I think it’s a very good cast and I love all the actors and what they bring to their roles. Nicole Sullivan, Gray DeLisle, Tara Strong, everyone, Harry Walgreen and Cree Summer, everyone. It’s so fun. Watching these amazing actors bring these funny characters to life has always been so exhilarating.

You also did some voices for South Park. What is it like working with this studio compared to others?

Well, it’s a completely different animal. [laughs]. Yes, I’m still working on this show. I’ve been working on this show for 15 years or so. I never know what kind of stupid character I’ll be. It’s a different experience because the way we work on this show has its own tone and Trey and Matt record all the voices. They even write down the characters that I’m going to play. So I’m doing a lot of ADR on this show, which is really interesting and that’s why the show has that sound of character and just delivery. It’s fun. So this is another great experience. Super wacky. I’m always laughing in the booth because I’m reading the script. I get the script at the time of recording and I open it up like the fans do and I go crazy.

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Yeah. It’s really fun. We have late hours, we often have late hours on this show.

Oh, because of how little time there is.

Yeah. So, I’ve had quite a few midnight sessions, but that’s all part of the experience.

How do you conserve energy for midnight sessions?

This usually happens the night before the performance. So it’s usually midnight sessions, usually only on Tuesday nights, so it’s only one night a week, and yes. It’s just exciting because it’s exhilarating, because the show is so funny and it’s like being part of something that’s happening in real time, like this, and it’s going to be broadcast the next night. There is no other show that does this. It’s literally breathtaking.

Is there a more obscure role for which you are being recognized with surprising success?

Roles…maybe not because there is IMDb and I’ve been doing it long enough that I have fans or people who know when I’m ready. But I guess what surprises me is that I do a lot of promo. One of my recent things that I had to do is be an olympic announcer and no one I don’t know unless you know me and heard me, but I’ve been to the olympics, the Beijing olympics, which only happened because they put it off and that’s it. So what I would say is that people may not realize that I do a lot of promos and commercials and you love hearing me sell you stuff all day long. I do

I did not know it. This is amazing! In this way, you kind of get universal recognition at all times.

Yes exactly. Because I’m also trying to sell you Toyotas. You can be in Toyota because of me. [laughs]. This is what people may not know about me.

This is amazing. People don’t know that Cathy Duquesne is selling them a Toyota.

Exactly. They had no idea. This is great. I love what I do. It’s always an adventure.

Lover of movies and series. rather. lover to the cinema in generating. I hope you like my blog.


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