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Keeping Company Trailer Shows Devin Das Get In Over His Head

The first official trailer for the upcoming black comedy Company support was released, featuring a mixture of horror and comedy about two insurance agents.

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Company support stars Jacob Grodnik, Ahmed Bharucha, Devin Das, Gillian Wigman, Andy Buckley, Rex Lee and others. The film is directed by Josh Wallace and written by Devin Das and Wallace. The film tells the story of two insurance salesmen who come into contact with an antisocial man who has a dark secret.

Watch the trailer for Company support below:

«Sonny and Noah are two brash salesmen who go from house to house and work their way up the corporate insurance world,» reads the film’s official synopsis. “One day, sensing their boss’s desire to increase sales, they cross paths with Lucas, a mysterious anti-social being whom they see as a potential new client. Ignoring Lucas’s plea for privacy, they rudely break into his house, but soon find themselves trapped in his basement, unable to escape. As the spotlight shifts to Lucas and his demanding grandmother, the similarities between this sinister home and the ruthless world of business begin to converge.»

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Company support will be released on June 7, 2022 and will premiere exclusively on video-on-demand.

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