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Kate Bosworth on Being a Stepmom On-Screen & Off

Netflix coming of age romantic drama Together for a trip is flowing now. Directed and written by Sofia Alvarez, the film stars Emma Pasarou and Belmont Kameli in the lead roles, while Kate Bosworth, Andie MacDowell and Dermot Mulroney round out the main cast.

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«This is Auden’s last summer before college, and she’s spending it in picturesque Colby Beach,» the synopsis reads. “While other teenagers are having fun in the sun, loner Auden spends his time wandering the streets after everyone else is asleep. Everything changes when she meets Eli, a charming and mysterious man with insomnia. On her nightly adventures, Eli challenges Oden to make all her childhood dreams come true. Their connection pushes them to understand why they were content with living in the shadows as they begin to show each other how to live to the fullest.»

ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to Together for a trip star Kate Bosworth on her role as Heidi and how her real life stepmother influenced her performance.

Tyler Treese: I really enjoyed the movie and was so glad we got to see the stepmother in one of those coming of age movies and not just an evil person in disguise. So, how exciting was it to give an accurate portrayal of what stepmothers can be, and what did you find most relatable about Heidi?

Kate Bosworth: Well, I was, I would like to say, a loving, warm, bonded stepmother for 11 years in my real life with a beautiful young woman who is now 24 years old, but when I met her, she was about 12 years old named Jasper. So, I was kind of like, I guess like a lot of people, when we see the image of the stepmother, who is not so evil, crazy, you know? Then Heidi came along, and honestly, there was so much in common between her and me. The first time I met Jasper, I was like the crazy spastic version that I brought to Heidi, for example, I met Jasper at lunch and saw her and thought, “Hi, I’m Kate! So nice to meet you! … Do you want to get it?” So strange [version of myself]. Basically, like a desperate desire to please her. I really wanted to convey this whole reality to Heidi and she was already written on the page as such a nice person, but I was happy to share my real life experience with her.

Your character also deals with many. She has a newborn and her husband is so focused on his career and there is a very real issue where parenting doesn’t feel like it’s actually shared and all the stress is placed on one parent. So how were you happy to portray it in a very mature way?

One of the things I love so much about the way Sofia Alvarez, the director, approached the characters, was to let people be imperfect. If you know what I mean? And to allow the dynamics between characters to be very realistic, like how many people are in a parenting situation where one person feels they are doing a lot more than the other. Then one person feels that he must focus on the work and whatever it is. How should you communicate through these things to find a healthy space to raise your little ones. And yes, you meet Heidi and she’s like bouncing on that ball holding her newborn and Auden comes in and my character hasn’t slept and she has this newborn baby and she doesn’t feel much help from her husband.

At this point, she’s just crazy. But I love being able to follow her storyline and one of my favorite moments playing Heidi was when she kind of has a breakdown and Oden comes in and becomes like a person who really starts to put the pieces together. to be able to help bring the family together. It’s realistic. It’s like how many times I’ve been very close to Jasper, my own stepdaughter’s biological mother. The number of times her father, her biological mother, and I got together to sort out family moments wasn’t all that far off for this movie. So what if my role, my real role, the real most important role in life, was to be a really great stepmother, which I tried to do every day and will do every day for the rest of my life, playing a very realistic version of his stepmother. . it was very important for me too.

Thank you very much for your time and the image is really shared in this movie.

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