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Justin Lin Had ‘Major Disagreement’ With Vin Diesel Prior to Departure

In last week’s shocking news, director Justin Lin walked away from fast and furious franchise, announcing that he would no longer direct Quick X. While everyone was said to be friendly, a new report from Hollywood Reporter seems to suggest the opposite.

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The report mentions that Lin, who was writing the film’s script alongside directing, was unhappy with the constant changes to the script, including that Universal and Diesel reportedly cut key locations due to being in Eastern Europe. and possibly conflict with the ongoing war. in Ukraine.

Other problems with the script arose, with the report mentioning that Lin eventually tried to «draw lines in the sand». Things reportedly came to a head on April 23, 2022, when Lin had a «serious disagreement» with Vin Diesel that led to a four-person meeting after Diesel had new notes for the film. According to one source, Lin left the meeting and the film. «Justin finally got fed up and said, ‘This movie isn’t worth my mental health,'» the source said.

According to a Universal spokesperson responding to the report, Lin’s creative differences with the film were with the studio, «and not with fellow producers, cast or crew.» Shortly after leaving the project, on April 25, Universal and Lin came to an agreement to keep him on the film as a producer, but would see him leave the film’s production. Lin also reportedly blessed the film crew to stay despite his departure. Conveyor and Lupine Shortly thereafter, director Louis Leterrier announced his replacement.

Regarding the relationship between Lin and Diesel, The Hollywood Reporter notes that Diesel’s presence in the franchise has grown exponentially, with the report stating that Diesel has «become his own person to be reckoned with» and someone who is «dominant». «. strength» on set, who «isn’t afraid to flex his huge muscles.» THR also notes that Universal is quietly under severe pressure on Quick X be successful as the film’s budget is already approaching $300 million without much marketing, of which more than $100 million will reportedly go to extrabudgetary expenses such as the salaries of the superstar cast that includes Diesel, Charlize Theron and Jason Mamoa.

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Quick X will be staged from a script written by Chris Morgan. While the official cast has yet to be announced, it’s highly likely that franchise alums Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Natalie Emmanuel, and Song Kang will reprise their roles.

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