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Josh Brolin Just Doesn’t Understand Denis Villeneuve’s Oscars Snub

Dune stood out in 2021 as an event movie, a movie that begged audiences to watch it on the big screen after years of watching movies on small TVs. This caused an uproar from fans and critics, leading to a successful evening at the Academy Awards. However, despite receiving six awards, DuneDenis Villeneuve is completely out of the poll when it comes to best director. And that didn’t sit well with Josh Brolin.

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Brolin, who played Gurney Halleck in the film, opened up about what he sees as a clear snub in a recent interview with the publication. Collider about his Amazon Prime series External range.

“This is the most stupid, bizarre… I mean, that’s why the snub is like that, and that’s why we’re all talking about it, but it’s the snub, the snub, the snub that I just thought was impossible,” Brolin said.

He further speculated that the lack of a nomination may have been due to a «post-pandemic mentality» (which he did not define or elaborate on), and confirms that the film was a complete creation of Villeneuve.

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Perhaps the Academy is just waiting with the audience for the second half. Dune experience. Brolin confirmed in the same interview that he is still involved in the sequel despite his name not appearing online in some places.

“When someone mentioned to me that this wasn’t on IMDb, I actually went out of my way to call Liz. [his publicist] and say, «Could you put this on IMDb?» Because it’s a moment of pride for me, man.»

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