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Jedi Fallen Order Sequel Current-Gen Only, Coming Next Year

BUT Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order The sequel has already been officially announced, but there are almost no details about it. The new report has a bit more to say about the game regarding the platforms it’s on and its intended release window.

How transcribed Video game chronicleGamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb talked about star Wars on his weekly Giant Bomb show, Grubbsnax. He stated that the game had removed most of its subtitles and would be called Star Wars: Jedi 2 (however, it is probably possible to use a separate subheading). Grubb then stated that it would only appear on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, that is, only for current generation equipment, and is scheduled for 2023.

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This was reported by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier. declared that it could come out in 2022 or 2023, so this report pointing to 2023 means that is probably its release window. However, Grubb also said the target date was 2022. However, other reports have not claimed that it will be a current-gen exclusive, a factor it also shares with the upcoming Dead space remake. Grubb talked about how this is likely due to him not appearing this year and that he «has some advantages» in that the team doesn’t have to «worry about trying to ride those generation lines».

“One of the reasons they will be able to do this is because it won’t come out until 2023,” he said. “This game will definitely not come out until 2023.”

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This game will likely be shown next week during the Star Wars celebration, which Grubb also casually mentioned in January, stating that it would be announced before E3 2022. It’s unclear if the celebration will include more star Wars games starting with the title Quantic Dream are reportedly quite far away, as is New Media’s Skydance. Ubisoft is also working on star Wars game, and Respawn is developing (and helping to develop) two more games (a first-person shooter and a strategy game), but the status of these games is currently unknown.

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