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I Love America movie review & film summary (2022)

Loosely inspired by her own experience, what Azuelos had in store for Lisa couldn’t have been an easier experience, at least after her famous mother passed away in peace, on her own terms. (Fortunately, the older woman hangs on until Lisa can briefly return to France to say one last goodbye.) Back in Los Angeles, Lisa settled in with one of her best friends, a French immigrant named Luca (Janis Busiani ), which by the looks of it, he made big headway in Los Angeles with his famous drag bar, judging by his lovely house with pool and vintage car. It is in this beautiful world of sophisticated luxury that Lisa begins to consider her prospects in Los Angeles. Of course, all this is somewhat unattainably privileged, but what’s wrong with admiring her luck and treating everything that happens as an episode of «And just the same …», only on the opposite bank?

Because, frankly, there’s little to nothing in this meek and heartfelt romantic comedy other than beautiful real estate, sunny beaches, recovery hikes, and trendy yoga classes. And it’s kind of fun to be in their presence, especially for this critic who is currently on his short tryout in Los Angeles. Another modest gift here is Azuelos’ casual but exciting approach to Lisa. Under no circumstances does the director try to seem preachy or radical in its quest to make a 50-year-old romance film when the genre (or what’s left of it amid a superhero-infused landscape) still distorts youth. She simply lets her character be who she is and follows her LA escapades both matter-of-factly and with a small dose of harmless mischief. Among these adventures, obviously, dates. Although Lisa insists: «We don’t have a word for ‘dating’ in French. We either fuck or we don’t,” she still allows Luka to create a profile for her on the dating app. After a particularly disastrous match, summed up in one slightly funny scene and a few lefts, Lisa finally meets a much younger John (Colin Woodell), a classy good guy with an instant crush on Lisa.

While their dates, during which performers like «The Big Lebowski» and «The Way We Were» have their names checked and cocktails flow on the dance floor, couldn’t have been dreams, the duo ended up having temporary repercussions due to for Lisa’s perseverance. about keeping it random. But neither their brief separation nor their reunion produces a lasting emotional impact. One of the reasons is that we never learn anything significant about John, so much so that it takes us until the last moments of the movie to finally believe that he is one of the good ones. Until then, he seems as generic as his name. Another reason is the relative clumsiness of their dialogue, which slows down the pace of their sexual chemistry. Equally awkward are Azuelos’ memories of Lisa’s childhood, again taken from her own memories. When we just want to go back to LA with Lisa and Luka – it has its own storyline too – and dive into the film’s disco soundtrack, which includes hits from Gloria Gaynor and Donna Summer, the director insists that hang out with the moms. . It would be one thing if information about Lisa’s childhood troubles with a nearly absent mom would somehow widen our window on her days in Los Angeles. But in the way they’re put together here, they seem like distractions.

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