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Huntdown Is Much More Than a Nostalgia-Fueled Contra Homage

It’s incredibly hard to separate the good retro ommies from the mediocre or bad ones because there are so many of them. ContraArt Nouveau games have always been a popular point of contact for independent developers, as evidenced by games such as Cuphead, flaming chrome, Mercenary Kingsand Valfaris name a few. hunting is another one of those types of side-scrolling shooters, and its intentionally ludicrous characters on its cover and its pixelated art style mean it could very easily be one of those games that struggles to rise above its obvious influence. However, this is much more than a tribute, as it seems.

Be Contraa run-and-gun like game means the Konami series serves as an effective shorthand for its overall flow. AT hunting, players move from left to right, shooting at a large number of bad guys with a variety of explosive weapons. This is a simple and appropriate explanation, but this game stands out for the details that make up these systems.

Huntdown is so much more than nostalgia-fuelled Contra Homage

huntingThe controls are the biggest and most noticeable improvement as they give players more freedom of movement and move the genre forward. His dash ability makes it easier to dodge projectiles and even acts as a sort of Smash undulating dash through the air as its diagonal trajectory gives some forward momentum. This works in tandem with a slide that can slide smoothly under projectiles while sprinting. There are also alcoves to hide in and covers to help protect players from bullets in cases where less aggressive defensive moves are more appropriate.

All these movements make hunting a more skill-driven game that goes beyond pattern recognition and simply jumping over bullets. Being able to dodge shots is slick as there are enough invulnerability frames to make it an effective tool, but not too many that it can be abused or mistimed, which is further enhanced by its somewhat long cooldown. Sliding also saves speed and means that players can quickly react to incoming fire without getting swept off track. Using cover takes too long and can lead to some unexpected hits, but it’s generally a good addition as it’s another use case that deepens even further huntinggameplay and fun to play.

Huntdown is so much more than nostalgia-fuelled Contra Homage

The thoughtfulness that Easy Trigger Games has applied to the core moveset extends to other parts of the game, and the difficulty is one of the best examples of the studio’s creativity. By default, the game isn’t as rigorously designed as the ones that came before it. The checkpoints are numerous and mean that death is nothing more than a temporary setback and a learning experience.

But these gestures don’t mean hunting it’s an easy walk. The default mode is set up almost flawlessly, as it starts off with simple enemies to give players time to acclimate before gradually ramping up with each stage completed. Later sections can become a war zone with flying bullets and rampant explosions, but its natural progression means players aren’t ill-prepared for these chaotic fights. Its many complex and well-designed multi-stage boss fights are a microcosm of this philosophy, as they all force users to recognize and adapt to their behavior patterns before they are good enough to deliver the final killing blow. Death always comes with a lesson and, with the exception of one boss fight, never disappoints thanks to the customization as well as the aforementioned impeccably smooth controls.

The Easy Trigger experience barely stretches to the extremes of the spectrum. The easiest mode drops more items, so even those who find the fair default setting too big can still make progress. And masochists looking for old-school challenges can dive into the arcade mode, which gives players only a few lives per world, or the two harder difficulty levels, which slash the player’s life points. Normal is set up phenomenally well for most people, but giving hardened, nostalgic players multiple ways to shine without ditching newbies demonstrates just how thorough huntingthere is a design. Many people like the complexity inherent in these games, but some see it as an insurmountable obstacle, and the best modern returns to success are achieved by taking into account all types of players.

Huntdown is so much more than nostalgia-fuelled Contra Homage

It’s hard to appreciate these gameplay nuances at a glance, as the overuse of pixel art makes it easy to obscure almost any game that uses this style. But hunting makes good use of this oft-used aesthetic, adding tons of personality in key areas. The backgrounds contain expansive views of his broken world, inspired by films such as Blade Runner, Escape from New York, Robocop, and more with their juxtaposition of bright neon lighting up a gritty dystopia. It’s not a new combination, but the quality of its graphics and color palette goes way beyond the cliché that a smaller game could be.

The foregrounds are more impressive, as they are densely populated with all sorts of rubbish and decorations that appropriately convey the theme of the world in the hands. Said themes add to the stellar art as they all have a unique rendition of proven concepts.

Huntdown is so much more than nostalgia-fuelled Contra Homage

There is Mad Maxlike a car group that mixes 1950s greaser subculture with futuristic junkyards. The final level combines black exploitation and martial arts films from the era, resulting in a set of levels with a hybrid of urban and Asian architecture. The second world is undoubtedly the strongest of all, as it unites Warriors with mighty ducks– as a gang of hockey players who have the amazing name The Misconducts. This one-of-a-kind gang of outlaws is led by a man with an equally clever name: Wicked Goalkeeper. All 20 bosses have their own personality, which is not just a set of iconic phrases from the films, but is brought to life in a correspondingly excellent performance. Players only interact with these villains for a few minutes, but they are remembered for their goofy names and thoughtful designs.

hunting thrives on its own personality, but it’s not just the artful hodgepodge of the media that came before it. Its sensitive controls are deep enough to give players more freedom in their movements, making the game feel faster and more modern. Difficulty is also immaculately tuned in the base setting, but it also has modes for those who want a forgiving experience, or one that takes us back to relentless, quarter-day-eating arcade games. Its soundtrack of mostly forgettable melodies is unfortunately the only part of the experience that doesn’t deliver the same elegant balance between new and old that the rest of the game miraculously achieves. Otherwise it’s a fantastic balance that makes hunting more than a collage of references meant to evoke nostalgia, and one of the best and most expertly crafted entries in the crowded retro run and gun genre.

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