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Hostile Territory Clip Previews Brian Presley’s Western Action Film

ComingSoon is pleased to introduce a new hostile territory clip for the upcoming western. Released April 22 in theaters and digitally and on demand on April 26, the film is written and directed and stars Brian Presley. The cast also includes Craig Tate, Matt McCoy, Brad Leland and Brie Brie.

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«Inspired by a true story, hostile territory – An exciting action-adventure western style. Former POW Jack Calgrove moves Heaven and Earth to reunite with his children after the Civil War,” reads the official synopsis. “Back home, Jack learns that his wife has died and his children, presumably orphans, are heading deep into the West on a train crossing old enemy lines. Calgrove and another ex-soldier are joined by a squad of Indian snipers and a freed slave as they race to intercept the orphan train before all hope is lost.»

Check hostile territory clip below:

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hostile territory has a duration of 94 minutes.

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