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Hit the Road movie review & film summary (2022)

Though when the kid first utters this witty joke, we’re not quite familiar with the villain’s irresistibly witty mannerisms, a character that often brings moments of comic relief to the picture that run parallel to the film’s melancholy. And Panahi is so accurate behind the camera that his inspirational compositions of the family inside the car—somehow both spacious and claustrophobic—and the languid rays of the sun dreamily breaking through into confinement do not necessarily defy the little one’s otherworldly remark, very on purpose. That being said, you might be forgiven for thinking that you are for a second in the presence of the mystical, spiritual, or even supernatural «Little Miss Sunshine,» the one on the road to the Pearly Gates.

But Panahi also quickly gracefully brings you back to reality. No, no one has died in a family of four, including the wisely unflappable dad Hassan Majuni with a broken, painfully itchy leg in a cast, and a brooding older brother in his twenties, played by Amin Simiar. They’re just in some disorienting rush – as we slowly discover, the quartet makes a dash for the Turkish border to smuggle their eldest son out of the country for reasons that Panahi deftly leaves mostly inexplicable, a shrewd decision prompted by the alluring aura of mystery in «Hit the Road».

Strictly speculative, the director’s choice to say nothing may have something to do with Panahi’s name. Yes, Panahi is the son of legendary Iranian director Jafar Panahi, who is still barred from making films and leaving Iran due to the regime’s outrageous 2010 ruling that found J. Panahi guilty of distributing anti-government propaganda. (Fortunately, this did not stop him from doing informal films without permission, such as the masterpieces «This Is Not a Movie» and «Taxi».) For that matter, it may well be that in a subconscious protective spirit, his son Panah leaves the political edges of the story unclear, knowing what buttons he can and cannot push. what he may or may not express. But that doesn’t mean «Hit The Road» is a humble version of something that could have been better if it was more obvious. By no means. Hiding some details, Panahi makes an even sharper political emphasis in «Hit The Road». It’s not the details that matter here, but their heartbreaking consequences: irretrievably burdened families, unfairly cut off from loved ones, and a society that bears these scars.

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