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HBO’s The Staircase is a Masterful, Stark True Crime Epic | TV/Streaming

Created and directed by Campos (Stair directed two later unreleased episodes), Staircase is an American gothic about a modern family, which in this case includes many conflicting half-siblings, wealthy parents with secrets, and giant splashes of love. blood at the bottom of the stairwell, dried on their home in Durham, North Carolina, as if it had always been part of the wallpaper. Colin Firth stars in the series as Michael Peterson, who is accused of murder early in the series when his wife Kathleen (Toni Collette) is found dead on said stairs, covered in her own blood, with a severe head injury that suggests a beating. . This is far from an open and closed battle for justice on both sides of the courthouse.

The mystery creates a huge rift between the extended family, including children from Michael’s past marriages who have always known him in a certain light. Michael has a history of manipulating people and big lies – for example, he received a Purple Heart in combat, a lie that exploded in his face and haunts his current run for city council. And it becomes clear that while Michael may or may not have been a killer, he had other personal mannerisms that he only cautiously shared with his inner circle. But the way his loved ones see him may help his image, such as how a lawyer (Michael Stuhlbarg) convinces his daughters to stand up for the cameras. The kids in The Ladder (played by Odessa Young, Dane DeHaan, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sophie Turner and Olivia DeJong) are clearly suffering for the sins of their parents, in public and in the quiet, former shell of their home.

But The Ladder raises the internal tension even more, considering how we largely know about the event, focusing on a 2004 documentary filmed by French filmmakers led by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. The Ladder as a saga of the Russian doll is not just a possible murder, it is how it became a story that was twisted, revealed and defended, depending on who told it. The French angle is becoming more and more integrated into the story (how beautiful, given Campos’ study of the French imitator «Simon Keeler»), but it also creates a revealing dynamic as the documentary’s makers replace viewers. Sitting in a diner, they analyze what they have just filmed, recreating the jokes that accompany watching these stories. When they’re in the Petersons’ house, they change the whole atmosphere so we can see how the camera affects how the truth comes out.

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