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Hatching movie review & film summary (2022)

Unfortunately, in Hatching, the horrors of growing up – and in particular being raised by insensitive, repressed parents – are otherwise not as disturbing or even memorable. Bergholm (who co-wrote the story) and screenwriter Ilya Rautsi deserve credit for effectively applying Roger Corman’s rule of teasing viewers with something good and useful (in this case: related to monster birds) every ten minutes or less. But while your mileage will obviously vary, Hatching never turns into something as unsettling as it is raw.

The main attraction of Tinji (Siiri Solalinna), a shy teenager, often doesn’t seem like her stuffy mother Aichi (Sofia Heikkila). Or maybe Tingja just doesn’t know how to live with her mother’s many expectations. Aichi constantly documents Tinya’s activities for her influencer-style blog, all about her «normal Finnish family». Which, in turn, explains their family’s floral wallpaper, pastel-colored and polo clothing, and glass and porcelain home decor. This setting also partly explains why there’s nothing shocking about the early violent bird scene’s climax: Tinji’s mother breaks the thrush’s neck after it flies into Aichi’s house and breaks some things while trying to escape. Not a bad start for a horror movie, but not surprising given how monstrous Tinji’s mom usually is.

Aichi has some humanizing qualities, and she is also outwardly oppressive by a very immediate mistake. Aichi wants her daughter to train and train and train until she gets a spot in the upcoming gymnastics competition. But Tingja cannot dismount properly and always seems to land either on his side or on his knees. Tinji’s mom also seems to have broken the spirit of her obedient and somewhat nervous husband Isa (Jani Volanen), who follows orders and keeps up appearances but otherwise doesn’t seem to matter. Tinja also finds a chick in the forest and secretly raises it. He transforms into a giant bird monster and causes a strangely lackluster identity crisis of growing up.

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