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Halo’s Cast and Crew Talk up the Show’s Mixture of CGI and Physical Sets

Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill hosted a discussion with the cast and crew on the Paramount+ YouTube channel about how they bring Halo to life on a streaming service. The TV show is a departure from the video games developed by Bungie and 343 Industries, but the show does have a knack for capturing the unique aesthetic of the future military power of the UNSC and their ardent Covenant adversaries.

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Viewers in the video Halo can look behind the scenes of several characters and vehicles jumping from game consoles to Paramount+. This includes the physical cockpit of the Pelican, a drop ship that the Master Chief frequently uses to travel from place to place. It also features actress Jan Taylor reprising her role as Cortana in this playable adaptation and an impressive puppet show bringing the Prophets of the Covenant to life along with a new character named Maki the Blessed. Executive producer and director Otto Bathurst cited the mixture of CGI and practical effects, saying that he hoped fans would remain engrossed in the universe and not notice the effects were working at all.

While the show has an audience among Paramount+ subscribers, some fans of more Halo the franchise has been less than busy adventuring in the so-called «Silver Timeline». Among their complaints is the fact that the Master Chief spends most of the show without his iconic helmet, as well as a general lack of action, which games abound.

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It was difficult for many studios to translate the game into television or cinema, but HaloThe situation seems less clear-cut than the time Bob Hoskins hopped around a neon nightmare as Nintendo’s Mario. In any case, Halo has already been picked for a second season, and it’s always possible they could make a difference in the eyes of Xbox diehards.

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