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Gilbert Gottfried, Legendary Comedian and Actor, Dies at 67

One of – if not in — the most characteristic voice in comedy is dead.

Gilbert Gottfried died today. His official Twitter account confirmed the news in a statement, writing, «In addition to being the most iconic voice in comedy, Gilbert was a wonderful husband, brother, friend and father to his two young children. Although today is a sad day for all of us, please continue to laugh as loudly as you can in honor of Gilbert.» Gottfried was only 67 years old.

Gottfried has been a fierce and fearless stand-up comedy character for decades, known for his strident voice and edgy material. (For years, he was the voice of the duck in Aflac ads until he told a series of controversial jokes on his Twitter account that got him fired from the concert.) The general audience was probably best known, which is somewhat ironic. , as the voice of the parrot Iago in the family cartoon Aladdinas well as its various sequels and TV shows.

A little older viewers may remember Gottfried as a longtime Saturday presenter USA all night, showing weird movies on a cable channel throughout the 1990s. The channel will broadcast such cult films as Chopping Mall and Laserblast until the predawn hours of the morning, and Gottfried gave rather strange introductions and advertising screensavers.

In 2017, Gottfried became the subject of his own documentary called Gilbert.

Gottfried’s 40-year career also included Saturday night life and Hollywood squaresappearances in films Beverly Hills Cop 2 and Problem childand voice work in everything from Superman: The Animated Series to Clerks: The Animated Series to Crank Yankers to 30 Rock. He left behind a wife and two kids, and lots and lots of great jokes.

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