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Ghostbusters VR Announced for Virtual Reality Headsets

Illfonic is not the only one Ghostbusters game this year. Developer nDreams has announced that it is also making a game based on the coveted franchise, but its version will be a virtual reality game with a working title Ghostbusters VR. It will release in Meta Quest 2 at some unknown point in the future.

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There is no gameplay in the trailer, but it does show that players will equip themselves with a typical set of ghost hunter gear and hunt said ghosts along with a few of their friends, as the campaign can be played in co-op. It will take place in San Francisco and will have a «deep mystery in a new chapter in history». Ghostbusters Universe». More will be revealed in the «coming months». nDreams is known for several VR projects, including Phantom: Covert Ops and cracks, both of which were received relatively well. Thomas Gillo, nDreams Development Director, spoke about this newest project.

“With SPVR, we have found the perfect teammates to help bring the multiplayer game that pushes the boundaries into virtual reality,” Gillo said. “In addition, our close collaboration with the creators Ghostbusters of the Ghost Corps franchise combined with our extensive experience in creating rich, tactile and immersive virtual reality will amaze gamers and Ghostbusters fans away.

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