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Gameplay Leaks for Unannounced Need for Speed Mobile Game

Need for Speed fans already have a new game to look forward to before the end of the year, but in the meantime, they may have another release on their phones. Tencent-developed mobile entry in Electronic Arts’ racing franchise has already been leaked through job listings months ago, and now a little less than a minute of gameplay further testifies to its existence.

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The leak showcases races that will feel familiar to fans of the franchise, especially those who have played The need for speed drift in 2019. This is because, according to a Reddit leaker, the game uses a modified version of driftmap. The gameplay is based on Tencent’s own game. Need for Speedwith three currently available cars capable of drifting and accelerating with extra flair.

Need for Speed ​​Mobile 2022 gameplay leaked (Tencent) from Need for Speed

Likely developer of the latest mobile version in Need for Speed Series is TiMi Studio Group, a subsidiary of Tencent that has worked on games such as call of duty mobile and Pokemon Merge in past. It’s not the developer behind Need for Speed: Unlimited, the current free mobile version of the franchise. ten cents Need for Speed games were not always translated to the West, which means that this drift follow-up actions may be tied to the Asian market.

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Players can look forward to the new main game for consoles and PC developed by Criterion Games. burn out Manufacturers have a long history with the brand and have a lot to prove after a series of disappointing claims. News about this game and this mobile port could come fast and furious as EA unveils its holiday lineup in the coming months.

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