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Fred Savage Fired From The Wonder Years Reboot Following Investigation

After numerous complaints of misconduct as an executive producer and director of an ABC comedy series. The Wonder YearsDisney cut ties with Fred Savage.

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According to the report Termcomplaints against Savage were investigated and eventually led to him being written off the series, which is a reboot of the popular 1988 comedy series starring Savage himself. The exact nature of the allegations is unclear, but Deadline notes that they range from «verbal outbursts» to «inappropriate behavior.»

“Recently, we have become aware of allegations of misconduct by Fred Savage and, in accordance with policy, an investigation has been launched. Upon its completion, it was decided to dismiss the executive producer and director of the film studio from the post. The Wonder Years«, a spokesperson for 20th Television said in a statement to Deadline.

These are not the first allegations leveled against Savage, as actress Ellie Mills revealed in 2018, stating that the original The Wonder Years the series was eventually canceled due to a «totally ridiculous sexual harassment lawsuit» against the then 16-year-old Savage. Also in 2018, a member of the crew of the series Savage. chopper filed a lawsuit against him, alleging that he assaulted and molested her on the set of the FOX series in 2015.

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One-camera comedy directed by Saladin Patterson (Dave) and Lee Daniels (Empire). Instead of the Arnolds, the show focuses on the Williams family of Montgomery, Alabama in the 60s. The show focuses on a 12-year-old teenager named Dean, played by Elisha Williams. Doole Hill (English)Psycho) and Saikon Sengblo (In the darkness) play his parents, and Laura Kariuki plays his sister. Don Cheadle acts as the narrator, an adult version of Dean.

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