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Former Nintendo Head Dashes Hopes for Mother 3 Localization

Former Nintendo of America big boss Reggie Fils-Aimé heard all the hopes and dreams Mum fans, and he still doesn’t have good news for them. Speaking with Kind of funny games to promote his new book, the creator of Bigfoot Pizza from Pizza Hut stated that Nintendo has no active plans to bring Mother 3 to the United States, despite its dedicated fanbase remaining hopeful years after its Japan-only debut on the Game Boy Advance back in 2006.

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Mumwhich is known in North America as Earthbound, has always been one of Nintendo’s smaller franchises. The second game in the trilogy made a splash on the Super Nintendo when it was localized, and the main character, Ness, appears in all of the game’s entries. Brothers Super Smash. row. This is approximately what is needed for a large representative office in the West. While hopes were raised when the first game in the series came to Switch Online as earthly beginningReggie doesn’t think this will lead to further development of the missing sequel.

«Don’t hold your breath» is a message from Fils-Aime, who thanks former Nintendo CEO Satora Iwata for pushing through the translation for earthly beginning. Now that Iwata is sadly no longer with us, the passion for getting the game to America may simply be gone.

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There is also the problem that Mother 3Reggie’s fan base is what Reggie calls a «relatively small group» and a quirky RPG series is hard to make appeal to a wider audience.

“That’s something I’m sure the company was thinking about, and they just haven’t come up with a solution to this problem yet, or at least they weren’t ready to talk about it,” he said.

There are plenty of franchises that haven’t seen Nintendo love in generations, including futuristic racing. F-zero and other RPG series golden sun. It’s anyone’s guess if Nintendo will ever be able to resurrect these names from the past, but the nostalgia craving can only get you so far.

Reggie’s comments seem to confirm Video game history timestates that the port for Mother 3 Port died along with Iwata. The message states that Iwata was a «permanent supporter» of the title, and no one advocates for the title in his absence. Eurogamer reported in 2016, Nintendo translated it. However, more reporting from Imran Khan of FanByte said they were no longer working on the project. His death seemed to be due to the game’s outdated and insensitive depiction of transgender people, as it was a touchy subject for Nintendo.

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