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Fireteam Elite Adds Free Lancer Class, New Weapons, & More

Multiplayer shooter Aliens: Fireteam Elite has entered its third season with an update that introduces a new character, some weapons, and the ability to add more equipment for each soldier. The latter is a much-needed quality-of-life improvement that will allow players to experiment with the game’s full arsenal without having to scroll through the menu after each round.

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The Lancer class is the seventh playable class in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, joining the existing Space Marines in their fight against the xenomorph hordes. They have the Particle Lance ability, a backpack that fires energy projectiles in a straight line. The spear is perfect for taking on a corridor full of galactic scum, burns through enemies with ease, and is primarily designed to deal damage to one large target.

With this update, Lancer (and the rest of the game’s characters) can equip several new weapons, including the Fireball incendiary grenade launcher, the X45 Bombard Flechette rifle, the Mark 7 Mod 2 CQB pistol, and a heavy weapon version of the familiar weapon. Pulse Rifle. For players looking to unlock everything, a new set of cosmetic unlocks is available, as well as additional perks, challenge cards, emotes, and more. Deluxe edition owners even get a whole extra batch of cosmetic items. All of this new stuff comes with a set of bug fixes that Cold Iron Studios details on his website..

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite released on Xbox, PlayStation and PC in August 2021 and its second season began in November 2021. The game received mixed reviews, but it looks like Cold Iron is interested in continuing to support the shooter. The studio has announced that the game will have at least one more season, as evidenced by its latest roadmap.

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