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Firebird movie review & film summary (2022)

The Firebird is a romantic love story, clearly inspired by films like Brokeback Mountain, with forbidden love themes in an ultra-masculine setting. It’s also based on some of the classic love stories of the past, like Now Voyager, with a deep, unabashed romanticism, as if the modernist tone of ironic detachment never existed. This love story gets a full-blown, old-school glamorous treatment: gorgeous people, longing glances, exquisite imagery, swollen music, passionate kisses, intertwined fingers, golden moments, moments of pain. While The Firebird has some very explicit passages that go beyond the wildest imagination of 1940s and 50s film novels, it holds on to a symbolic depiction of passion, with showers and even shots of planes soaring through the sky at the climax. .

At the beginning of the story, Sergei is a private in the last weeks of his military service, while Roman, an officer and fighter pilot, arrives at the base. There is a direct connection between their shared interest in developing photographs. But the difference in their ranks, the difficulty of finding a way to feel each other’s interest, and the risk of five years of hard labor for homosexual activity make it almost impossible for them to find a way to kiss. By the time that happens, we are looking forward to it almost as eagerly as they are.

Director and co-writer Peeter Rebane recalls the coldness and repressiveness of the military culture of the Soviet era, where the discipline is extremely tough, even cruel, but with a subtle touch of brotherhood. Officers are oxymoronically called «Comrade Colonel» and «Comrade Lieutenant». Despite the seeming friendliness of the language, the hierarchy is strictly observed and no deviations from even the most trivial rules are allowed. This increases the already significant stakes for Roman and Sergei.

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